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Opinion: the Puebla Group and the use of ‘Lawfare’

, Opinion: the Puebla Group and the use of ‘Lawfare’

By Nitu Perez Osuna*

Closing 2022, specifically on December 29, the Puebla Group published a statement on its website to support the kidnapping of the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, by the Bolivian security forces, and at the same time “alert about the wave of misinformation unleashed by radical right-wing groups regarding compliance with an arrest warrant issued against” Camacho.

Two days had not passed since his illegal detention when the Puebla Group had already issued a note justifying his detention.

It is, without a doubt, a double standard since when justice acts against one of their allies, they immediately come out to defend him, as recently happened with the former president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, or with the vice president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner.

The audacity of the Puebla Group is so great that it has created a legal group called the “Latin American Council for Justice and Democracy” (CLAJUD), headed by the prevaricating Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón.

CLAJUD has coined the term legal war or “lawfare” to catalog the courts’ actions.

, Opinion: the Puebla Group and the use of ‘Lawfare’
The Puebla Group II Meeting (Photo internet reproduction)

If the judges rule in favor of their members or against their adversaries, then it is about full compliance with the Constitution.

Still, if they convict their allies, it is lawfare, even if there is abundant evidence to support the decision or even if the crime was committed before the eyes of the entire world, as happened when Castillo wanted to dissolve the Peruvian Congress in a televised message.

In fact, the Puebla Group has posted several books on lawfare on its website, including “Lawfare in Latin America, legal warfare in the context of hybrid warfare” and “Lawfare in Latin America and its impact in the validity of human rights”; the latter prepared by the Argentine Ministry of Justice.

In reality, lawfare is nothing more than the “narrative”, according to which incontrovertible facts are exchanged for leftist opinions. Such is the case of the vision presented by the authors of the text titled “US lawfare as a tool to control natural resources:

Operation Lava Jato in Brazil and the Petrobras case”. This text, which appears as a chapter of the last book mentioned above, brazenly alleges that Operation Lava Jato was an invention to harm Lula da Silva and other Ibero-American leftist leaders; also adding that it was a maneuver by the United States to keep the natural resources of our region.

According to the chapter’s authors, Larissa Odreski Ramina and Lucas Silva de Souza, “the US fight against corruption masks the true imperialist interests of the country.

This crusade is operationalized with the help of national and foreign courts and large communication groups that, on the one hand, treat corruption as an inherent problem in the development projects of progressive governments and, on the other, proclaim the efficiency and transparency of the private sector to the detriment of the public sector.

In summary, the left can be corrupt and delinquent because being “progressive” justifies its behavior.

Amoral is what they are!

*Venezuelan. Journalist by profession, communicator by trade and activist of the best causes by vocation. She was a columnist, host of radio television programs in her country of origin. Currently, she has established herself as a powerful ‘youtuber’ in “El canal de Nitu” and “Plomovisión 24: horas de opinión”. She is an international organizational communication consultant. She is a fighter for freedom and a merciless investigator in search of the truth.

With information from La Gaceta de la Iberosfera

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